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When it comes to raising your house there are multiple procedures involved. At the outset, you’ll need someone to recommend a draftsperson and engineer. Then you’ll need to work your way through planning and approval stages before putting your contractors to work raising, restumping, reconnecting utilities and carrying out any other slabbing, plumbing, building or retaining work necessary to complete the job. The costs of all of these services can add up quickly and amount to thousands of dollars. But by streamlining the process, there are ways to reduce the costs involved in extending the space under your home.

House raising, , involves the whole house being raised to your desired height (usually agreed upon between you, the certifier and/or a draftsperson) and held in position for a period of approximately two weeks, while works are completed. The cost of raising and holding varies greatly depending mainly on the size of the house.

Restumping can involve either repairing old or damaged stumps, or completely replacing the existing stumps, the cost varies greatly. The size and slope of the area needing work can also affect the price, as well as other factors. It’s best to obtain a tailored quote from restumping experts to find out how much restumping will cost for your home. 

The simplest way to save money on house raising is to employ a single provider to carry out all of the services required – whether it’s raising, restumping or re-levelling, or all three. Most service providers, including those at Raise My House will be able to bundle services to offer you a better price for a full set of services. 

Hiring one service provider also means only one lot of paperwork and reduces the amount of handover work for a smooth production process. Small miscommunications between various contractors handling a job can be disastrous in this kind of project, so it’s ideal to have one contractor with a dedicated project manager to oversee the completion of the raise. 

House raising is a delicate process with many vital processes involved that need to run smoothly for a safe and attractive finish. Don’t muck around with your family’s safety – get in touch with the experts at Raise My House in Brisbane for a house raising, levelling or restumping quote today.

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