Can A Raised House Fall Over?

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Save Money on House Raising, Restumping and Re-levelling with Raise My House!
October 26, 2017
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September 3, 2018

The unfortunate answer is yes!..

Brisbane home owners love raising houses, you could even say it was a favourite QLD past time along with winning the State of Origin.. however, there can be a downside to cutting corners and using cheaper house raising companies whose only goal is to raise your home as quick as possible and make a fast buck!

Raise My House carried out 116 house raising jobs during 2016, needless to say in recent years we have witnessed some extremely dodgy house raising attempts and had to fix quite a few more.

The main issues we come across from home owners who have unwillingly used cheap raising companies is that foundations aren’t laid properly and a lop-sided construction has resulted in houses leaning over, and in extreme cases falling over!

Whilst rare, it is a reality you need to consider when choosing the company to raise your home!

Some House Raisers typically don’t follow the architect’s drawings effectively, cut corners and ultimately put their own workers and clients at risk. These types of companies tend to use a poor-quality building materials which has the potential to move or decay over time, and ultimately cost you more money to fix or re-raise all together

Therefore, we have put together a few tips to follow when picking a house raising company in Brisbane

  • Do your research and only use a raiser / builder with an appropriate QBCC license and ideally be a member of Master Builders QLD
  • Check up and read any reviews where possible – take an objective and balanced view as not all reviews are written honestly
  • Does your builder / raiser have adequate insurances in the result of an accident on site?
  • Ask around where possible and try and find out how long the company / builder has been in business, find out where they typically raise houses and if the results have been satisfactory
  • Does your builder / raise have a professional website with a gallery to view current / previous raising projects?

There is no doubt that the house raising experience can be both exciting and daunting, as it is often a life changing decision to either expand and improve on what you currently have or enhance your property to make profit. Either way it can cost you as a home owner a lot more money if you choose the wrong contractor or builder and you end up with a house that is not level, has used incorrect materials and not followed all the plans effectively and safely.

Whilst ‘Raise My House’ is always on hand to correct incorrectly raised properties, we would rather you get it right the first time and live in a perfectly raised home that is safe for you, the occupants and neighbouring homes.

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