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How Much Does It Cost To Raise A House?

Brisbane House Raising Prices

Prices for raising a house range from $15,000 to an average of around $25,000 when raising and restumping a three bedroom Brisbane Queenslander.

There are other additional costs to consider as part of house raising including; plans, approvals, earthworks, plumbing, electrical, excavation, stairs and a concrete slab should you choose it. These additional services can bring the total cost to approximately $80,000. This is an average figure to allow for you to get back in the house.

In order to obtain a firm quote for works, there is a requirement for working drawings, engineering and soil testing to be completed. Once Raise My House has this documentation were able to formalise a written quote. Raise My House provides free written quotes in all cases where we have the correct documentation. If you don’t currently have this documentation in place then that’s okay, please contact us and we’ll help get you started as we work closely with an experienced drafting company.

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