White Ant And Termite Damage

White Ant And Termite Damage To Brisbane Stumps

Australia is home to more than 300 types of termite, 20 of which are known to devastate homes.

Australian termites cause more damage to homes than flood, fire, and storms combined, according to the CSIRO. Furthermore, the Brisbane and Ipswich areas are located in what has been deemed the “High-Risk Zone”.

Termites also referred to as ‘White Ants’. They are ground-dwelling insects that have a singular mission – to seek out and obliterate any un-treated wood in their radius.

Brisbane is riddled with pre-war homes and Queenslanders, built upon wooden house stumps, sunken into the termite-friendly soil. All these elements combine to make a perfect termite paradise and a homeowners nightmare.

What does this mean for your home?

Whilst eradicating the termites from your home is logically the most important first step, the second is stabilising your home and preventing a future termite problem.

Most commonly termites will make their way into your home from the ground up, meaning that your house stumps will have been compromised the longest. Many timber house stumps in Brisbane are decades old and were not treated with modern methods, or weren’t treated at all; chances are you will probably need to re-stump your home. What makes matters worse is that as the stumps decay with age, it becomes a greater invitation to termites. Combine this with rusted stump caps and the termites can make their way up the stumps straight into the house above. In some circumstances, if visual inspections aren’t carried out the termites can “mud” around the stump caps to gain access to the house.  

Raise My House specialise in Restumping and can ensure a smooth stump repair project. We use treated, high-quality hardwood stumps and advanced industry method. This ensures that your home is safe, stable, and guarded against future termite invasions. Alternatively, you can replace the timber stumps with new concrete stumps or steel stumps.

Using a network of industry professionals, Raise My House can assist you with your restumping project from start to finish. And recommend other Brisbane builders for termite repair work that extends beyond your house stumps.

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