Stump Removal and Deletion


House Stump Removal and Deletion

Creating space under houses is great for being able to fit cars trailers. Generally getting rid of those painfully annoying stumps in locations that prevent access. This can be done under houses of all heights.

With new steel lifted into position, the existing stumps are deleted creating a new open space beneath the house so that the occupants can utilise the full area without any encumbrances. See the image below with the new steel in position. It should be noted this can also be achieved under a house that hasn’t been raised. If you have existing concrete or steel stumps that you want removed then the steel can achieve the same outcome, providing that you maintain the reasonable amount of head height that you so require.

Raise my house will be able to remove your stumps, dispose of them and provide you the extra space that you need beneath your home. After all increased real estate is an increase in the value of your home. Call us today to help with engineering the space that you require beneath your home. Supplying and installing steel beams is part of our Brisbane restumping service. Hence, we welcome the opportunity to quote your work.




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