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We proudly raise over 100 houses in Queensland each year since 2010!

As professional house raisers, we recognise that people raise a house for a variety of reasons, these include:

  • To provide more liveable space for family
  • Car accommodation
  • A space to care for the elderly on the ground floor
  • Student accommodation
  • Improving their panoramic views
  • Flood relief
  • As an investment decision

There are many reasons why people choose to have their home raised by us. Some people like to create additional living space for their family, while others are seeking more parking space or to simply improve the view from their home.

Some Brisbane & Ipswich homeowners choose to care for their elderly relatives, and in order to do so need a special space to care for them which can only be created if their home is raised.

Renting rooms for students or travellers is a nice way to gain some additional income. Raising your home can create more space for additional rooms that you can lease out, and it will also raise the overall value of your home – as well as giving it the traditional Queenslander style!

Find out how you can save money when raising your home right here.

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The Home Raising Process

Raise My House Brisbane specialises in the first stage of raising your home. We’ll recommend some great draftsmen and an engineer to begin the initial design process, and we’ll explain the approval process and the best people to deal with so you don’t get stuck and stressed with a bunch of paperwork and phone calls.

We’ll then get to work!

We re-stump your home, re-connect your utilities and lay additional foundations and retaining walls if they are needed and we’ll build you a new set of stairs so you can access your re-modelled, raised home.

Raise My House are pioneers in Brisbane at raising your home the easy and risk-free way using reinforced steel as opposed to noisy and at time, unsafe pumps.

For an insight into some our our completed house raising project, have a look at our Gallery

Our Clients

We generally work with owner builders and construction companies. However, if you need our services and lack the appropriate licensing don’t worry – we have all the accreditation needed to construct up to three storeys high.

We work alongside some quality carpenters and tradies that will quote you separately and help to carry out the work on your property.

Our Area of Operations

Raise My House services all areas in Brisbane including the Northside, Southside and Western suburbs.

We work with a large range of builders across Brisbane, however, if you require any additional design & construct building or home renovation services, we recommend the following Brisbane based builders (in no particular order).

tick icon - Raise My House ACM Constructions
07 3607 3133

tick icon - Raise My HouseMorbuild
07 3152 4069

tick icon - Raise My House

Designer Planning
07 3087 5332

tick icon - Raise My House

Radius Builders
0419 751 108

If you need any form of house raising or restumping service in Brisbane & Ipswich then please call us on 07 3041 4993 or get in touch with us online for a quote.

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