Under House Dig Out Services Brisbane & Ipswich

Brisbane & Ipswich House Raising & House Restumping Needs That Require Excavation Work.

Excavation is an essential step in house raising. Once a house is raised, it may become necessary to dig out the space below to accommodate the house raising service. Raise My House® offers professional earthmoving services with an experienced team. This service is essential when raising a house on a sloping block.

As you can see there are extensive earthworks to be carried out once the house is raised in the video below. In this case, there was the necessary removal of the old concrete structure and some further excavation required to prepare the block for the new concrete slab. The right machines under a house make short work of the concrete removal. The concrete is trucked off-site and later dumped for free at the recycling plant.

There are free Brisbane dump sites on the north and south side of Brisbane available for clean concrete. Clean concrete is best defined as a concrete slab, footings, old concrete stump, or block with less than 10% dirt in the truck mix. Bricks should be separated from concrete if possible as bricks incur a fee. Bricks are not to be confused with masonry blocks, masonry blocks are classed as concrete.  

When preparing your house for raising and building in under, it is often necessary to dig out underneath your home in combination with house raising. This is particularly evident when raising a house on a sloping block as indicated in the time lapse video.  Additionally, our earthmoving specialists have a variety of sizes in excavation equipment to dig out which is essential in tight access areas.

Excavation is another important part of the process when raising your home that we can take care of for you, furthermore, you can rest assured because we are fully insured

Dig out
Dig out
Dig out

Raise My House® can also assist with excavation work that is required for other construction projects.  Please contact us to discuss your project or idea.  We are happy to spend the time to develop the right solution for your needs.

Raise My House® service most areas including:

  • Brisbane
  • Northside
  • Southside
  • the older inner suburbs of Brisbane
  • Ipswich that contains many old Queenslander homes.

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