Does Your Home Need Restumping?

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What’s the Difference Between a Builder and a House Raiser?
October 26, 2017
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Save Money on House Raising, Restumping and Re-levelling with Raise My House!
October 26, 2017

Is it time to restump your house?

There are many valuable reasons to invest in House Raising and restumping your house. You can create additional living spaces, allow for more room for parking cars or boats under the house, improve your view, or add room for a granny flat for relatives who may need it. You might want to add a studio to use as a workspace, music room or “man cave”. Whatever the reason, restumping your Brisbane home is a great investment as extra space usually correlates to a higher property value. If you’re building a granny flat under your existing home, it could even become a lucrative income-booster when rented out to friends, family or travellers in need of accommodation – especially if you live in Brisbane’s sought after inner suburbs.


What is Restumping?

Restumping is when a house’s foundational stumps are repaired or replaced to increase the stability of the house. Restumping is always undertaken during house raising projects in Brisbane to make sure the foundations can support the added weight of the structure. However, in nearly all cases, it is poissible to replace the existing stumps with new stumps without raising the house.  In many cases re-stumping without raising is far more economical, because it doesn’t require the interruption of other services such as; plumbing, electrical, stairs and in many cases doesn’t require plans or Council Approval.


Why Would my House Need Restumping?

Aside from increasing the value of the house, creating more living space, and in some cases providing a better view, restumping is often crucial for the safety of the residents of the house. If you notice cracks in the walls of your house, windows or doors that don’t open and close properly, gaps between the walls and floor or ceiling, or bowed flooring, these could be signs that the structural integrity of your house is failing. In this case, we highly recommend restumping as a means of ensuring the safety of your family and the longevity of your home.


What Processes are Involved in Restumping a House?

Generally it’s as easy as calling Raise My House to obtain a quote. However, If you are replacing more than 20 percent of the stumps at any one time then we recommend that you obtain Brisbane City Council Approval as this is their requirement. Under these circumstances, we’d assist you with the design and engineering plans required for your approval and then you will be able to obtain your quote accordingly. 

You can choose from concrete stumps, steel stumps, or wooden stumps that are -treated to resist termites, water and rotting. We’re more than happy to recommend suitable options for your house stumps. 

During the house restumping, your dedicated project manager will help you make informed decisions about whether the building requires other work such as re-levelling. Relevelling is often undertaken as part of the restumping work, but needs to be cautiously carried out and sometimes avoided depending on the setout up stairs. For example it may not be practical to relevel the area of a house that contains a recently renovated bathroom. 


To find out more about the house raising and/or restumping process, get in touch with the experts at Raise My House in Brisbane. We service Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside and the surrounding areas with house restumping, raising and re-levelling.

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