Building Over A Sewer

Raise My house has to experience in moving and raising houses over sewer lines and carrying out the foundation work necessary to bridge over council mains. The following information is general information to help you with the beginning of the house raising process when council sewerage or drainage mains are in the proximity or beneath your proposed development.

Sewer and drainage lines; It’s not something you want to think about but something you must consider before you build anything. Throughout Brisbane, there is a carefully planned and monitored network of sewerage pipes. New buildings, renovations, even landscaping has the potential to disturb this unnoticed spider’s web of pipes, which is why as part of due diligence for any project you should be checking for any urban utilities. Hence, trust us, you do not want to puncture a sewerage pipe…

If you do have such utilities running through your property then all is not lost. Your project can still continue however, you will need to obtain a ‘Build Over Permit’. As a result, the first and simplest step to beginning this process is to speak with us at Raise My House.

Build Over Applications

Build Over applications apply to various types of construction work, most common examples are below:

  • Houses, units, flats – habitable structures
  • Garages, carports, sheds
  • Brick fences
  • Retaining walls
  • Driveways, paving
  • Swimming pools, spas, saunas
  • Water tanks – above ground
  • Tennis courts, bowling greens
  • Utilities – gas, electricity, telecommunications, property drains
  • Commercial, industrial, public and sporting buildings
  • Excavation or landscaping work can also require ‘build over’ approval.

As part of your due diligence, your first step should always be carrying out a dial before you dig or obtaining a drainage plan for the lot upon which you’d like to develop. Raise My House can assist you with both these options should you require it.

If you know there are utility lines underneath your property you should consider:

  • The clearance from sewer lines to a fence, building or other structure will be reduced to less than 1.2 metres
  • Where driven piles or piers are located within 5 metres of utility lines
  • Any building, structure or bored excavations for piers or footings are within the vicinity of infrastructure
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