House Restumping Process

The Process For House Restumping Brisbane & Ipswich

Brisbane & Ipswich house restumping process:

Brisbane & Ipswich house restumping process:The good thing about house restumping is that it often doesn’t require council planning and approval. This means that if you have concerns about damaged house stumps, then you can get a quote from Raise My House® and start immediately on the repair.

The process is not dissimilar to replacing tyres on your car. We support the house on hydraulic jacks and carefully take the weight off the existing old house stump. Usually, we’ll do a few at a time so that we lift a section together.

Once the weight is carefully lifted it allows us to dig around the footing of the existing stump until the point that we can pull the old stump out. I guess this part of the process is more like going to the dentist than getting your tyres changed. Stumps are also similar to teeth in the sense that some are easier to pull out than others. For example, it is often easier to remove a timber stump than a concrete stump, however, this is taken into consideration as part of our restump quote, so you won’t have to pay extra if we have to sweat a little harder to remove one.

Once the stump is removed then a hole is left behind. This hole is cleaned out in preparation for the new concrete footing to be added to support the new stump. There are a number of different types of footing that can be utilised for completing the job. When fitting steel columns in place of the existing stumps we’ll usually use the ready mix from Hanson or Nielsen’s. Generally, the quality that we receive from these companies is more than suitable for the application and you don’t have to risk a labourer making a weak mix for your foundations.

Raise My House® recognises that restumping is a physically demanding job for labourers and foremen alike. We take the time to make the job lighter wherever possible without sacrificing quality and ordering ready mix is one way we do this.

Our other regular method for standing new concrete or new timber stumps is onto a dry concrete base. This allows us to set the timber or concrete stump to the exact height by packing the concrete solid and then standing the stump to the required house height. If the base is too high some concrete is removed, if the base is too low then concrete is added. The end result is the house at the perfect height with concrete firmly supported to the underside. We’ve found this method to be extremely efficient, saving you money and it has never failed in over 5000 applications of its use at Raise My House®.

All old stumps are removed and disposed of. On a larger job, we’d do this by loading a skip bin with all the old stumps and rubbish. We sometimes have space left over and we encourage our customers to fill the bin with any of their household items. On smaller jobs, we sometimes load rubbish onto our trucks to save on skip costs. Either way, we attempt to leave the site cleaner than what we found it.

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