Stump Replacement

Stump Replacement & Removal in Brisbane & Ipswich

Does your Brisbane or Ipswich home need its stumps removed and replaced? Rotting, damaged and unstable stumps mean that your home is not level. Un-level homes suffer from all sorts of damage due to this: from cracked walls, gaps in between walls, ceilings and doors that won’t shut or open. In the worst of cases your home could be close to collapse.

Stump repairs are usually carried out by replacing the stump with your choice of timber, concrete or steel stumps. It’s often not advisable to render cracked concrete stumps or patch rusted steel columns. Call us or fill out the form below to arrange a time to quote on your Brisbane & Ipswich stump repair options

Also, your home’s foundation may be just fine but you just need some extra space. Removing your home’s stumps and replacing them with a system of steel beams and channels can provide extra room for your cars, a pool table, rumpus room space, or even a whole extra room just to relax in or rent out for extra income. Please see our “Stump Removal and Deletion” page for more information.

We’ll Make The Process Easy

If you need a specially engineered design channel or beam then we can help you work out what you need and fit it for you. Raise My House supply and fit all types and sizes, from one channel to bearer reinforced should you require it.

We buy directly from steel merchants to ensure the highest standard of quality of steel. We then manufacture and prime the steel ourselves, to reduce costs to you and improve our turnaround time.

If you’re raising your house and building in under, the draftsman and engineer will work out the exact steel beam design that you require.

Brisbane Based Home Raising Solutions

We service all areas including Brisbane, Northside, Southside, Western suburbs and even Ipswich.  Raise My House continuously carry out work in the older inner suburbs of Brisbane that contain many old Queenslander homes.  Please ask if you would like to see some of our completed work, we’ll happily show you!

If you require stump removal in Brisbane or Ipswich, call us on 07 3087 5326 or contact us online. We’ll happily consult with you on the best solution for your home.

Raise My House service most areas including Brisbane, Northside, Southside, Western suburbs and even Ipswich.  Raise My House continuously carry out work in the older inner suburbs of Brisbane that contain many old Queenslander homes.  Please ask if you would like to see firsthand some of our completed work.

Recent House Restump

These pictures display a full house restump job. Under this scenario, the house is supported on house raising equipment and the old stumps are removed in “one foul swoop”. This is efficient and cost-effective, as it enables the new steel columns to be installed all at the same time minimising labour and machine work. This technique would generally apply to a full house restump and would be carried out in accordance with engineering drawings. The engineer design specifies the depth of the holes on the basis of the soil test, which is typically required on a full house restump project. The end result is a solid foundation for the life of the home. It should be noted that small jobs where there are less stumps being replaced as a percentage of total stumps do not require structural engineering. The smaller jobs are treated as maintenance and can be replaced “like for like”.
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