Leaning And Sinking Stumps


Leaning stumps, sinking stumps or bad drainage

Restumping a house in Brisbane & Ipswich can quite often be required because of the bad soil alone. Highly reactive soil types like black soil or clay result in better footings being required in order to prevent further movement and cracking in the house above. It’s possible to upgrade by restumping your house and improving the drainage around your house so that the shrinking and swelling of the clay soils are mitigated.

It’s often applicable on highly reactive soils to adopt adjustable steel columns. These steel columns are installed by removing and disposing of the old stumps. Then the new steel columns have a mechanism at the top that enables them to be adjusted at any time, without having to restump again in the future. The restumping process is a little more expensive with the adjustable column top. But it makes the adjustment at a later date much more affordable and increases value to your home.  Because it demonstrates that quality workmanship has gone into the restumping process.

A further upgrade option as part of your Brisbane & Ipswich restumping process is hot dip galvanised columns. When restumping in Brisbane the sub-tropical conditions can make steel prone to rust. Hot dip galvanised columns provide a protective layer that prevents the column from rusting for a much longer period.

Under some circumstances, if the above restumping services or options are outside your budget a good temporary measure is just releveling the home until a later date. Under this scenario, we may only have to restump a couple of the really bad stumps. Re-levelling houses should be possible to get window and doors working properly again. It can prevent jamming from them being out of square. You may notice that this is worse during dry or wet periods. This is a symptom of soil reactivity shrinking and swelling. It’s important to drain the stormwater away from the house stumps as best as you can. There’s nothing worse than a disconnected stormwater pouring straight onto a house stump.

If you’re the homeowner, then Raise My House provides free house restumping quotes to all suburbs in Brisbane, surrounding suburbs, and Ipswich. Please call to arrange a time with our friendly team.


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