Cracked Concrete Stump

Cracked Concrete Stump

Concrete stumps in Brisbane have been utilised since the early 1950’s. Traditionally they were poured on site in cast moulds and then the house was constructed above. The issue with this method was the materials used in those times weren’t to the strength and requirements used today. Furthermore, the steel utilised in the construction process was often too close to the outside of the stump or touching the ground. This means that over a period of time the steel would rust and then the concrete would crack, which caused the problem of a creaked concrete stump. This means that concrete stumps in Brisbane & Ipswich readily need replacing.

The good news is that we can replace with concrete stumps. The concrete stumps today are prefabricated and brought to the site. Raise My House® will support your house safely while the old stumps are removed and disposed of.

The new concrete stumps that are brought to the site are constructed from solid concrete. They meet the required Australian Construction Standards. We install them into new footings and lay your house to rest on the new foundations. Therefore, Contact Us today to discuss your cracked concrete restumping project.

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