Raise My House is able to provide accurate quotes for both projects. In fact, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our quoting.

At the very beginning of your house raising or restumping project, it is important to have a realistic budget to avoid disappointment later.

However, in some instances, you really only want a ‘ballpark figure’. Raise My House understands that projects don’t start with quotes – they begin well before that stage with estimates and budgets.

For a house, raising projects are able to provide estimates over the phone without plans. But it is important to remember that we cannot provide a firm quote with this way.

These estimates can be incredibly helpful when you are trying to calculate financial viability and lending capacities.

When you call for an over-the-phone estimate you will speak with an experienced member of staff. They will provide you with an estimate based on property access (determined via Google Maps). The difficulty of the project, what the house raising process involves, as well as what is included in the estimated figure.

There is no-obligation attached to an over-the-phone estimate, so please do not hesitate to contact our offices. You can read a little more about these inclusions on our House Raising Quotes page.

In addition to house raising, Raise My House also offer restumping services throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.

For small restumping projects, we can provide quotes based on photos that can be emailed to us. However, to be able to provide a quote on larger restumping projects, Raise My House will have to visit your premises.

Unfortunately, we are unable to suggest even a ballpark figure as we cannot assess the condition of your stumps over the phone or by using Google Maps.

For further information on the cost of restumping or information on site visits, please visit our Restumping Quotes page.

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Raise My House endeavours to provide as much accurate information as possible no matter what stage you are currently at. We believe that well-informed customers are happy customers.

Contact Raise My House today to hear more about our pricing, receive a ballpark figure on your house raise, or to request a quote.

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