Rusted Steel Posts


Rusted Steel Posts

Danger Of Rusted Steel Stumps

Steel stumps, also referred to as steel columns have been utilised in Brisbane since the early 1970’s. Like many of the cars produced during this period, they can be real rust buckets. The steel house stump from the 1990’s onwards has become an ongoing issue due to the rust that they yield. The moisture and oxygen under Brisbane houses make it a prime location for the breeding and infestation of rust. It’s these perfect Queensland coastal conditions that help speed up the process. The end result is that if steel posts are not installed correctly, then rusty steel columns will be the result in only a few years.

Here are a couple of options for replacing steel columns. There is hot dip galvanised steel columns which are the best source of steel column for the job. There is also the supa-galvanised steel column which is a form of electroplating. This is not as good as hot-dip galvanising stumps. However, both need to be installed correctly to circumvent any potential rust issues down the track. It’s important to note that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between supa-gal and hot-dip galvanised steel columns, to the untrained eye. In many cases, the supagal steel columns could be described as having a nicer appearance than the hot dip galvanised steel columns.  The important thing is to deal with a trusted name in the industry when having your stumps replaced. Raise My House is that trusted and respected name.

The way the steel columns are installed is critical to longevity. The pictures below are of jobs in Ferny Grove and South Brisbane respectively. They required the replacement of the original stumps. It’s important that the base is painted with black bitumen and the bases are domed to prevent moisture and dirt from settling against the steel column. Contact Us to discuss your rusted steel posts restumping project.

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