Brisbane & Ipswich House Sliding

Sliding & Moving a House

Raise My House® are regularly involved in house sliding and moving houses on site. What this means is that if you have a house that requires moving from one position on the lot to another then we’re the team for you. We can do any size and any distance of move within a Brisbane & Ipswich lot. We are very experienced in sliding a house on a block.

The house is being moved over on a truck. The reason we use a truck is that often it’s quicker and more efficient. Particularly if the house has to be moved a large distance on the block. Not all house blocks allow access for this type of moving, but we have other methods of moving a house that doesn’t require truck access. In the tightest of situations, we can still move everything in by hand and slide the house manually, using a series of techniques to get the house to where it needs to be.

Repositioning a Brisbane & Ipswich house on a block is done for a number of reasons, these reasons include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Brisbane or Ipswich boundary setback requirements
  • Moving the house forward to obtain a bigger backyard
  • Moving the house back to fit a 6m carport at the front

Brisbane & Ipswich development sites often have pre-war homes attached to them that require the house to be repositioned to allow for the maximum number of units/townhouses to be constructed. Because Raise My House® has been readily involved in this process for Brisbane & Ipswich developers who need houses moved. So if you need a Brisbane or Ipswich House repositioned then we’re only too happy to assist.

The important thing to note about repositioning a house is to make sure that all surveying and the new location of the house is pegged prior to our work commencing. Three corner locations of the house need to be marked to allow for the house to be squared to its correct position. This might seem like common sense. But often the surveyor is not engaged early enough in the process and the project sits idle waiting for their work to be carried out.

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