House Releveling Company Brisbane & Ipswich

House Re-leveling for Brisbane & Ipswich Residents
Do you often find that the doors in your home aren’t closing properly, or your window frames just don’t seem even? This is most likely because your stumps are uneven. Timber, concrete and steel stumps, while sturdy, are still prone to degradation and wear and tear due to the weather and age.
Why Re-Level your Brisbane & Ipswich House?
There are a number of reasons to re-level your Brisbane & Ipswich home. Your home’s entire structural integrity rests upon its foundations – if they become weak, uneven or otherwise unsteady then your home may suffer damage beyond a sticky door or window. Structural collapse can be a dangerous, highly costly and stressful experience.
It will also increase the value of your home should you choose to sell at any time in the future – as un-even foundations turn up in building inspections.
Signs Your Home May Require It
As well as hard to close doors and uneven window frames. Check for the following signs that your home may require a re-level:
  • Cracked walls
  • A lean in your home
  • Gaps between walls and floor or ceiling?
The Root of The Problem
While having your home re-levelled will fix the immediate issues, it is also important to determine the true cause of why it needs our services in the first place. Perhaps excess moisture underneath your home contributed to your wooden stumps rotting, or perhaps the foundation wasn’t built properly in the first place. We can advise on the best approach on how to best treat your home’s foundations, and we can re-stump or raise your home if required.
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  • Brisbane
  • Northside
  • Southside
  • the older inner suburbs of Brisbane
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