Professional House Raising & Restumping Services

Providing house raising and restumping services to builders and homeowners across the inner and outer suburbs of Brisbane and Ipswich.

You’ll notice that house raising and restumping companies in Brisbane & Ipswich talk about their experience based on the number of years that they have been in the industry. The reality is that many of the companies don’t do anywhere near the quantity of the work that we do nor do they maintain their experienced staff. Raise My House employs over 40 staff annually and uses over 20 contractors yearly. It would not be unusual to have 50 plus people working over 5 to 6 jobs on any one day. We do this to maintain efficiency and employ the right number of people to maintain quality and timeliness. Since 2010 we raise over 120 houses each year!

Our quality craftsmanship, like everything these days comes with paperwork. We utilize a system of checks and sign-offs to maintain a level of quality with builders and homeowners. The introduction and use of this allow us to be more productive and our client’s jobs to run smoothly. .

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Resilient Homes Fund & House Raising

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