Underpinning Brisbane & Surrounding Regions 

We have partnered with Foundation Solutions to take care of your underpinning needs.

What Is Underpinning 

Underpinning a house is a method used to strengthen or/and repair homes footing as well as rectify and prevent damage. This is done by building additional concrete or steel footing to stabilise and strengthen or lift an already existing building or dwelling.

When Underpinning Is Needed

Underpinning is required when the house footings move due to a range of causes including:

  • Footings being constructed on loose soil or uncompacted fill
  • The original structure has changed
  • Soil changes over time  
  • Tree roots close to the foundations or tree removal 
  • Inadequate original structural design for the soil type 
  • Broken pipes or poor drainage 

The first signs underpinning is required include: 

  • External cracked bricks 
  • Internal cracks in plaster 
  • Gaps between the window and walls
  • Unlevel floor 
  • Doors and windows jamming 
  • Cracked flooring, slab or tiles 
underpinning Brisbane
underpinning Brisbane
underpinning Brisbane

Repair Process 

If you have any of the issues above and require underpinning we are here to help. We can arrange a site inspection and give you a quote for the repair.

Structural engineering is vital at the start of the repair process to identify the problem and determine how much damage has occurred.  As well as the best solution to correct the damage found and design structural plans for the repairs. Raise My House works closely with a company that can arrange structural design plans and a soil test if it is required. 

Underpinning a house normally involves digging new pier footings beside a house, which may include removal of some fences, paths etc.  The footings have to be out deep enough into the soil to find adequate soil to support the dwelling structurally. Once the steel is put in and then inspected by an engineer , new concrete will be placed into the piers holes. Once the concrete is cured, our underpinning team will return to jack up your house.

During this process, the pre-existing cracks and will be rectified by closing the gaps and structural integrity will be corrected however some cosmetic repairs might still need to be carried out by a builder.

Raise My House currently has a partnership with Foundation Solutions and will assist with your underpinning enquiries.

underpinning Brisbane
underpinning Brisbane
underpinning Brisbane

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Raise My House offers professional Brisbane underpinning services. As well as many others services to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We have qualified tradesman and an experienced team to ensure you receive the best result. Contact us today for a quote. 

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