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Restumping is when a house’s stumps are replaced or repaired. Due to many reasons including rotten timber stumpscracked concrete stumps or even rusted steels stumps. And as a result, are no longer structurally supporting the house as they were originally designed. 

The signs to look out for when restumping is needed are: 

  •  Are your doors or windows not closing properly?
  • Is your floor sloping in one direction or more?
  • Moisture or decay around foundations 
  • Cracks in plaster or brickwork

We offer a professional and reliable restumping service to Brisbane, Bayside, Ipswich and surroundings. If your house needs restumping you have a choice of concrete, steel or timber stumps, depending on your home’s foundation. Hence, today’s house stumps are made to a much better standard and are constructed to withstand the harsh climate of Australia. We also offer underpinning and house releveling

When restumping your home, you can choose from any of the following quality building products:

  • New concrete stumps are prefabricated and reinforced in 25mpa concrete.
  • Steel stumps are Supa-galvanised or for further protection can be hot-dipped galvanized.
  • New wooden stumps are treated with an Arsenic solution which makes them resistant to termites, water and rotting.

During the house restumping, we will help you make informed decisions about whether the building requires other work such as re-levelling. Relevelling is often undertaken as part of the restumping work but needs to be cautiously carried out. 

hot dip galvanised steel columns
supa-galvanised steel column

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Raise My House® have been helping residents restump their house for over 10 years. To find out more about the house raising and/or restumping process, get in touch with the experts at Raise My House® in Brisbane. We service Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, Ipswich, Bayside and the surrounding areas.

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