Bayside House Raising

We proudly raise over 100 houses in Queensland each year since 2010!

Are you in the Bayside region, looking for additional space in your house, but can’t make the move. You’re not alone, house raising is on the rise in Bayside and it may be the solution for you.

Bayside is idyllically located region within Brisbane. With proximity to beaches, Brisbane’s foreshore and CBD has resulted in high land prices and the emergence of Yuppie suburbs like Raby Bay, Manly and Wynnum. Raising your house is a great way to take advantage of all the benefits of Bayside, while giving yourself that extra space you need.

Raising allows for a unique opportunity for residents to increase their floor space, while maintaining the character of your house. Bayside, like much of Brisbane, comprises largely of Queenslanders and workers’ cottages, which are integral to the city’s fabric. Furthermore, Bayside contains a high percentage of Character zoned houses, these are houses that are protected by the Brisbane City planning scheme. These houses cannot be demolished, but they can be raised; which is often the only option for residents looking for additional space.

Before House Raise
After House Raise

Raise my House have been helping residents raise their house for over 10 years. We would love to share our knowledge and experience with you. If you are interested in finding out more about house raising, house sliding, restumping or any of our others services contact Raise My House today.

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    The Home Raising Process

    Raise My House Brisbane specialises in the first stage of raising your home. We’ll recommend some great draftsmen and an engineer to begin the initial design process. We’ll explain the approval process and the best people to deal with so you don’t get stuck and stressed with a bunch of paperwork and phone calls.

    We re-stump your home, re-connect your utilities and lay additional foundations and retaining walls if they are needed. We’ll build you a new set of stairs so you can access your re-modelled, raised home.

    Raise My House are pioneers in Brisbane at raising your home the easy and risk-free way using reinforced steel as opposed to noisy and at time, unsafe pumps.

    For an insight into some our our completed house raising project, have a look at our Gallery

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