Honoring the Queensland Tradition of House Raising

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Raising a house here in Brisbane is as much as Queensland tradition as smashing the Blues in State of Origin or downing an ice cold XXXX on a stinking hot summers day. The simple fact is, no other State does it more often or better than us mighty Queenslanders!

Not many people know that house raising industry is a vital part of the construction sector in Queensland, and it is uniquely a tradition in this part of Australia. House raising refers to the process of lifting a house off its foundation and adding additional height or levels to it. This process is often necessary in Queensland due to the risk of flooding and the need to protect homes from the elements.

One of the main benefits of house raising is that it can save Queenslanders a significant amount of money. Instead of having to rebuild their homes from scratch, homeowners can simply lift their existing structures and add additional levels or height to them. We’ve even raised houses with decks, caports and other areas such as basketball courts or pickleball courts. This is a much more cost-effective solution than starting from scratch, and it can also be less disruptive for homeowners, as they can continue to live in their homes while the work is being done.

In addition to the financial benefits, house raising is also important for preserving the character of Brisbane homes. Many of the homes in Brisbane are older, and they have a certain charm and character that is unique to the region. By raising these homes, homeowners can preserve these characteristics while also making their homes more functional and modern.

Finally, Queenslanders will always have a need to raise their homes due to the risk of flooding. With the threat of climate change and rising sea levels, it is more important than ever to protect homes from the elements. By raising their homes, Queenslanders can ensure that their homes are safe and secure, and they can also reduce the risk of damage from storms and flooding.

The house raising industry is an essential part of the construction sector in Queensland, and it plays a vital role in preserving the character of Brisbane homes. It is a cost-effective solution for homeowners, and it is also necessary for protecting homes from the elements. Queenslanders will always have a need for house raising, and it will continue to be an important part of the region’s construction industry.

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