Steps Before You Can Raise Your House

To go ahead with a house raise or even get an exact quote there are a few steps that you need to complete beforehand.

Step 01.

Plans & Engineering


The first step to getting your house raised is to get house plans and engineering. During this phase, you will work with a Building Designer to design the space you require under the house and any proposed changes that you’d like to make above.

Step 02.

Development Approval


This is only required in some instances. The design company will help you with this if need be and will provide the relevant town planning advice if it’s required for your project.

Step 03.

Building Approval


During this step, you can begin collecting accurate quotes for constructions. You’ll engage a private certifier to work with you and assess the application on behalf of the Council.

Step 04.

Appoint A House Raiser


This is the last step before the physical work is carried out. Once you appoint a house raiser or a builder and sign a contract with them, they will pay the QBCC Home Warranty Insurance.

Step 05.

Alternate Accommodation


It’s a good idea to have suitable accommodation organised during the house raising and construction period which on average is 6 weeks.
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