What’s the Difference Between a Builder and a House Raiser?

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October 26, 2017
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Imagine you’ve just bought your dream house. you didn’t get to take a thorough look around during the auction, and after a closer inspection, you notice a door that won’t shut without scraping the floor, a window that you have to really jiggle to get it open, a bowed floor and a couple of cracks in the brickwork. What do you do? You call a builder to run an inspection, naturally. And what does the builder do? A builder sees these problems and fixes them – and that’s great. But it’s a curing of the symptoms, not a solution to the root causes of the house’s deeper problems.

A house raiser would immediately recognise these issues as foundational, then assess the damage and get to work repairing the building’s structural integrity to prevent ongoing damage. Ignoring any structural compromises in your home can be a dangerous, stressful and ultimately very expensive error – especially if you spend big on a new home in the inner suburbs of Brisbane where old houses are often due for restumping or releveling. 

Approach to House Raising

House raising is a great way to increase your home’s value, improve your view and add an extra room or workspace. It has also been a popular option for homeowners in Brisbane looking to protect their families from the dangers of flooding and tropical downpours. It’s unlikely that builders will undertake a house raising project in Brisbane, but if they do, the approach is in danger of becoming a “build” project, rather than a house raising project. The point of difference that a professional house raiser in Brisbane can offer in this situation is that they’re specially trained to relevel, restump and raise homes based on the building’s specific circumstances, including the slope, drainage, size of the house, etc.


Approach to House Re-levelling

Re-levelling can be a costly venture – especially when your builder needs to call in contractors for any restumpingdig outsretaining wallsconcreting and a handful of other odd jobs required to complete the relevel. A house raiser, on the other hand, has access to staff with a specialised range of skillsets in all aspects of re-levelling. 

Raise My House provides all the professional services you need (and none that you don’t) to get the job done efficiently and with all the attention to structural integrity that your house deserves.

If you’re looking for a specialist team with more than 30 years of combined experience carrying out house raising, restumping and re-levelling jobs for both old and new houses in Brisbane, get in touch with the experts at Raise My House. We service Brisbane, Ipswich and the surrounding areas with tailored plans for you property. We’ll even help you find the right draftsperson and engineer and walk you through the development and approval stages to make sure you don’t get bogged down with paperwork.

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