New Home Design trends in 2021

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September 3, 2021
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November 12, 2021

New Home Design trends in 2021

Since the initial shock of COVID-19, buyers have been hunting for builders and new home designs at increasing rates.

Australian buyers are researching builders and home designs at a higher rate than in pre-COVID-19 times, with bigger homes and luxuries at the top of their wish list.

If one thing is for sure in 2020, the lockdown has fundamentally changed the way we live in our homes.

Everything from the materials we choose to the design of our living spaces is expected to change as we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic.

Rethinking designs

With demand for more space and greater comfort driving enquiries, new home builders are coming up with creative solutions to deliver buyers’ dream homes. Many people are choosing to raise their homes, as meetings with builders etc are easier while they have the opportunity to work from home

Colour for comfort

COVID-19 has not only had an impact on size, layout and luxuries but also on how people decorate their homes. People are moving towards warmer, neutral and earthy tones rather than what we’ve previously seen, which can be more grey, white, and blue. They’re transitioning from that palette to the greens, browns, neutrals, terracotta, blush pinks and clays.

In terms of finishings, brushed brass tapware and cabinetry hardware, matte benchtops, ultra-matte or grained cabinetry, handcrafted tiles and natural fibres for soft furnishings are all making waves.

A lot of people are going for soft, warm lighting finishes rather than cool lighting and lots of indoor plants or dried flowers for decoration. Externally, materials such as reclaimed brick, organic-looking concrete, natural stones and cladding such as Hebel, which has a textured appearance, are sought out. Nothing is too polished, everything’s quite rustic and inviting to put your hands on. With people spending more time at home, attention to the finer details goes a long way to building a dream home.

Adaptable layouts

A home needs to be able to change and grow with a family, and more houses are expected to be designed with this in mind. Many people are considering multipurpose rooms that can make the most of the space. You’ll start to see non-permanent walls that can be shifted, and rooms that can be opened up and shut off as needed.

Nature as saviour

As anyone who made it through lockdown without an outdoor area would know, nature is important. Outdoor spaces are expected to be the most desirable area for upcoming improvements with architects and interior designers already reporting a demand for designs that connect the indoors with the outdoors.

Antibacterial Materials

Something we all place more importance on after this year is hygiene and we are set to see greater inclusion of it into our living spaces. Expect to see automatic washbasins, touch-less flushing, and infrared sensors in bathrooms to reduce unnecessary touching. Kitchen are likely to follow similar intentions through voice-activated appliances and cooktops with sensors.

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