How High Can I Raise My House?

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May 28, 2021
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July 14, 2021

How High Can I Raise My House?

The steps of raising a house are relatively straightforward however, they can be very dangerous and costly if not done properly. You can read more here.

The maximum height a house can be raised in Queensland is 8.5 metres above the natural ground level. The natural ground level is determined by a surveyor or council records.

In some areas, the height is more than 8.5 metres, but you would need to check with your local council for confirmation.

Raise My House has worked with many Brisbane homes (pre and post-war) and have gained valuable experience and knowledge over the years. The best results are achieved with a 2700 – 2800mm high ground floor height with an additional 500mm space to hide beams, plumbing, wiring and insulation.

For the average Queenslander house in Brisbane, this is easily achievable within Brisbane City Council’s (BCC) designated 8500mm residential height limitations. For homes that have a steep pitch to their roof or are located on a sloping lot compromises may be required, this could be to ceiling or cavity heights, level of site excavation or waiting for the new city plan where an additional 1000mm will be added to maximum residential heights bringing the level to 9500mm.

The exact height of your build will be worked out during the drafting of plans based on the council’s guidelines and a site survey etc. Raise My House highly recommends Designer Planning for your home drafting needs!

If you would like to find out more information it is recommended you contact your local council.

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