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Crack if they are concrete Rot if they are timber Rust if they are steel

House Restumping for Brisbane Homeowners

Raise My House is one of the best restumping companies in Brisbane for concrete, steel or wooden stumps. As leaders in the field, we pride ourselves on delivering quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction. This is why all of our services are carried out in the fastest and most effective manner possible, so as not to disrupt your vital routine for any longer than necessary.

 Repair Your Brisbane Home’s Stumps

In nearly all cases, it is possible to repair house stumps without completely replacing them. This usually means re stumping them with your choice of concrete, steel or timber stumps, depending on your home’s foundation. Today’s house stumps are made to a much better standard and are constructed to withstand the harsh climate of Australia.

When restumping your home you can choose from any of the following quality building products:

Find our more about this on our stump maintenance page & restumping services page

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What About The Cost?

The stability and functionality of your home’s foundation is very important! Restumping your house in Brisbane could often be the key in saving your home from dangerous or even catastrophic collapse in certain areas. Imagine the cost of those repairs, not to even mention the inconvenience and time spent dealing with it.

The benefits of restumping far outweigh the costs, so don’t delay any longer – restump your home with Raise My House.

Re-stumping a home quite often means re-levelling your house. Please see our re-levelling page for further information.

We Service & Restump All Brisbane Homes

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We often partner with one of the best re-stumping companies for Brisbane House Restumping.

Raise My House services most areas including Brisbane, Northside, Southside and the older inner suburbs of Brisbane that contain many old Queenslander homes.

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