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House Stump Maintenance Services

The Different Types Of Stump Maintenance Required in Brisbane

Cracked Concrete House Stumps:

cracked house stumps services
Cracked concrete stumps are a common reason for restumping in Brisbane. This occurs as a result of the steel inside the concrete rusting and then this steel expands. When the steel expands it cracks the concrete stump, therefore resulting in stump replacement being required. The stumps can be replaced with new concrete stumps, steel or timber. Whichever your preference. It’s not usually possible to repair a cracked concrete stump, because once it gets to this point it will continue to deteriorate at an exponential rate over time, eventually leading to partial housing collapse if not treated in a timely manner.


Rusted Steel House Columns:

rusted steel beams services brisbane
Rusted house stumps are a very common issue that we see when quoting and restumping a Brisbane home. Typically it results from soil buildup at the base of the steel house stump. Moisture collects within the soil and as a result the steel stays wet far more often than it can. Eventually rust begins to set in. What many homeowners don’t realise is that these steel columns are only 4mm thick, therefore when a steel column begins to swell and flake, it’s only a short time before the steel is no longer supporting the house and restumping is required. The good news is that restumping can occur and the old stumps can be replaced with new galvanised steel columns.


Rotted Timber House Stumps:

restumping a home in brisbane
Timber house stumps were the original stumps and the preferred method in Queensland for stumping houses as late as the 1940’s. The timber stumps have really stood the test of time, with Raise My House still replacing some of these nowadays when they were installed around the beginning of the 21st century. Needless to say that if you have the original timber house stumps they’re probably past their use by date. The good thing is that you can still use timber stumps in their place. Perhaps you’re attached to the history and heritage of the colonial look and want to restump with timber. That’s fine Raise My House will be able to provide a quote for restumping on this basis and you’ll find the pricing similar to any other type of stump replacement option. We have suppliers on hand who stock only the best hardwood timber stumps in Brisbane, ready for your home.



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