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Raising Houses With The Steel In First

Brisbane’s Pioneers In Raising With The Steel In First

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Experts In Raising With Steel No Noisy Dangerous Pumps We Avoid Cracking Risks

House Raising With The Steel In First For Brisbane Homeowners

Raise My House have been leading our competition by raising houses with permanent steel in first in Brisbane for over a decade. Whilst our competitors traditionally prefer to use noisy and often dangerous hydraulic pumps to lift homes, we prefer the much safer and secure method of setting in a steel frame prior to the raise.

Why you ask? Because when a house is lifted with a hydraulic pump it can be hard to hear if the house will crack during the raise process. However we find by setting the steel foundations in first we can raise straight up without fear or worry about a house cracking, leaning or moving more during the raise operation.

We are proud to say that we have found that many more of our competitors have caught on to our process, which we believe is also more efficient, and to be honest, is just common sense.


If you’d like a house raising quote using a safe and secure steel first method in Brisbane please call us on 07 3041 4993 or get in touch with us online today.


Raise My House services most areas including Brisbane, Northside, Southside and the older inner suburbs of Brisbane that contain many old Queenslander homes.

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