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House Re-levelling Brisbane

Dos and Don’ts of House Re-levelling

If you find that the doors and windows in your home are starting to need a little extra push to open or close, or cracks start to appear in the interior walls, these are tell-tale signs that your house could need re-levelling. Cracks in brickwork, bowed floors, a tilted chimney and gaps between the walls and floor or ceiling are also bad news for homeowners. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to seek a professional assessment from a house re-leveller as soon as possible. 

If you notice these signs, the structural integrity of your home could be compromised at a foundational level. In this case, your house re-levelling specialists will suggest the best course of action for your property’s unique set of circumstances. House re-levelling is not something that can be put off – doing so will only defer the problem and is likely to lead to even more costly damage in the future. 





Don’t put off a house re-levelling assessment any longer. For a tailored quote, get in touch with the friendly consultants at Raise My House today. We service Brisbane, Ipswich and surrounding areas with over 30 years’ combined experience in house releveling, raising and restumping.

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