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Under House Dig Out Services Brisbane

Raise My House are your one stop shop for all of your Brisbane house raising and house restumping needs as we also take care of the associated excavation work that is required.

When preparing your house for raising, it is often necessary to dig out underneath your home, verandah and steps.  The reason for this excavation work is to ensure that the ground is level before raising and also ready to pour a concrete foundation slab underneath your home.  Our earth moving specialists have a variety of size in excavation equipment to dig out which is essential in tight access areas.  Excavation is another important part of the process when raising your home that we can take care of for you, further more you can rest assure because we are fully insured.

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Raise My House can also assist with excavation work that is required for other construction projects.  Please call or email to discuss your project or idea.  We are happy to spend the time to develop the right solution for your needs.

Raise My House service most areas including Brisbane, Northside, Southside and the older inner suburbs of Brisbane that contain many old Queenslander homes.


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